Versace Mansion, Ocean Drive, Miami

I am so excited and getting ready for my Miami photo shooting. The sun is burning, even in febuary. This is just matching to my crazy golden Studio 54 style pants from American Apparel. Preparing at Fischer Island for the shooting at the legendary Versace Mansion at Ocean Drive in South Beach Miami. That´s means also Goodbye Miami.  One sunny day, I ´ll get back again. Somehow, someway but I don´t know when.

Ok! I am ready, let´s go!

Is this taking forever?
Glasses: Wayfarer, Iphonecase: MOSCHINO, Backpack:MCM, Polo: Lacoste, Pants: American Apparel

Sneakers: New Balance

Famous and legendary Versace Mansion, which is today a Restaurant and Hotel

Ok! I move out of the picture, so you can see the Versace Mansion on Ocean Drive, Miami

I love this place

This is real American Apparel Style 

Good bye Miami. 


South Beach Miami & Sagamore Suite

Back in South Beach. My view out of the suite at the Sagamore Hotel, Miami, Fl
Thank you so much!

My suite at the Sagamore Hote in South Beach Miami, Fl
Light and white suite feeling at the Sagamore Hotel
I will never forget this great invitaion at the awsome Hakkasan Restaurant in South Beach, Miami, Thank you for this!

Just a parking place at the Bal Harbour Mall in Miami, Fl OK! Let´s go shopping.

Keepall by Louis Vuitton and Backpack by MCM

Everglades Safari Park, a place to visit, since half of South Florida is a part of the Everglades, amazing!

My new favorite discovery, I HOP - I HOP -  I HOP !!!!!

MCM keeps me running

South Beach Miami, Fl

yacht & brokerage show miami 2015

This is the best asian food I have ever experienced.  My tip is Hakkasan, Miami
Next time I go for Hakkasan, Las Vegas

Southern Beach Miami Coast

Famous Fischer Island,  exclusive private island paradise with world class resort for the very rich.  


Goodbye Key West, Fl

Southernmost Point U.SA, Key West, FL

Southermost U.S.A Waldorf Astoria Resort, Key West, FL

My last breakfast in The Reach - A Waldorf Astoria Resort in Key West, FL

Check out of the Suite in The Reach, Key West, Fl

Best stay ever

Great smell of Salvatore Ferragamo

Southermost house in U.S.A in Key West, Fl

Famous sunset point in Key West, Fl

Flamingo crossing in Key West

The closest gift shop to Cuba

Ernest Hemingway & Home
Goodbye Key West, Fl