6 Jul 2012


Schauspieler Michael Dierks
Michael Dierks The Rockstarkid

Hi, My name is Michael Dierks ! I Am A Rockstarkid even I prefer more electronical type of music. Seriously, it is not all made up. As a matter of fact I am a real Rockstarkid,  because of my rockstar Daddy Dieter Dierks, who made the German Rockband; SCORPIONS famous as a Rockproducer. I am glad about this because I was surrounded with lot´s of many created, famous and interesting people. Since I have seen a Scorpions Cover for the album ;"Love at First Sting" by Helmut Newton  I was fascinated by world of fashion, models, videos and photos. I´d like to take you with me in my own world of my own creation and work I do in shootings and filming with models.

 Photo by Helmut Newton / Album produced by Dieter Dierks