17 Mar 2013


Actor Michael Dierks

RTL Michael Dierks

Jacket: Karl Lagerfeld; Shirt: Jil Sander; Jeans: H&M; Shoes: Converse

Für mich stehen die Converse-Chuck´s für die Freiheit in der Fashion Welt. Gerne möchte ich hiermit zeigen, wie lässig man All Star´s mit einem schwarzen Sakko kombinieren kann. Mein Geschmack ist oft auch durch Saint Etienne aus London beeinflusst.

Saint Etienne is one of my most important musical group for me personal, because it consists a mixture of dream and film refextion to my life. The music accompanies me since I use to live in Los Angeles when I was there as a student for film study at UCLA. Sarah Cracknell's voice is like an angel. When I worked at a frozen yogurt store in Bevery Hills called YOGEN FRÜZ at North Beverly Drive I heard for my first time the song;-Only Love Can Break Your Heart-, the first single release of Saint Etienne on the radio. Since then accompany me throughout my entiere life and give me great inspiration through all my work I do in making my own music, videos, films and fashion photography, mostly for the new fashion magzine called,  I´ll never forget the time when I use to drive with my Buick Skylark 85 all the way from Los Angeles up the westcoast to Canada, Victoria Island, listening to -So Tough- and -Foxbase Alpha- Saint Etienne Album enjoying breath taking scenery. After 4 years of USA life I have  returned back to europe and was able to meet Saint Etienne, Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs in London at the Heavenly Record label and invited those two band members for lunch. I visited two times a concert of saint etienne and it is a journey through my life back to Los Angeles, California times. This  Cover I am posting with the Converse Chucks Look shows absolute freedom for me and I love to wear Chuck's in combination with a Hermes belt, because it gives a new look and contrast to it.