9 Nov 2013

Michael Dierks - Village of Names, Names and Names

London is an expensive place but to find some great designers I have discovered an outlet village full of great labels, Bicester Village!  To get there by train is as fast as you will find the top leading designers of fashion at Bicester Village. The train takes just 40 mins from London Marylebone. I was surprised I even have found my favourite label Brooks Brothers, which is hard to get in Europe anyway.

All stores are located one to each other and reminds me of Bevery Hills, Rodeo Drive. Most stores got the same style like their own flagships around the world. Shopping in a very relaxed atmosphere with best shopping salesperson turned even a rainy day into to a great day . I have found some fine restaurants in the village as well, like a Thai and an Italian restaurant.. 
In the beginning I was so in shopping fever and in the fashion world of names, names and names, that I really had to think over where to start and what to get. I didn't care about the bad weather because I have spent most of the time in the stores. I bought great Ralph Lauren Home products and a pair of Church's shoes.

Take a look at my photos of this great day out of London in Bicester Village. 

Can´t wait to go back there again. 

Louis Vuitton Michael Dierks

Fendi Model Michael Dierks Marco Mommsen

Actor Michael Dierks

Marco Mommsen
My tip of fine restaurants in Bicester Village, Busaba Eathai

Schauspieler Michael Dierks
Great fashion day in the village of names, names and names, Bicester Village