23 Dec 2013

Michael Dierks - Christmas Destination, Selfridges & Co London

Marco Mommsen Virgin Train
On my way for serious chrismas shopping at Selfridges & Co

All I want for Christmas is Selfridges & Co. This is my most favorite department store in whole Europe. Here you can experience real fashion lifestyle in London. That´s why I have decided to make my Christmas shopping at Selfridges & Co. It is like walking through all the fashion spirits in London or even trough a VOGUE magazine. Great house beats and cool people combined with an awesome variety of the top designers such as KENZO ,Comme des Garcons and many more. I like to share with you the great windows of Chrismas Destination, Selfridges and Co and some of my shoppings.
May all your Christmas will be blessed with joy and happiness.


I have received this chrismas present, thaaaaank you so much.

Some Chrismas presents 2013 at home

Got  myself beats by dr.dre for Christmas 2013

Major xxl YvesSaintLaurent clutch seen at the Christmas window of Selfridges & Co

XXL Armand de Brignac bottle seen at the Christmas window of Selfridges & Co 

My little shopping at Selfridges & Co but to go back I have forgotten something...?

Selfridges & Co.London 2013, all photo taken by me !