7 Dec 2013

Kelly depeche briefcase for men and (Grace) Kelly Bag by HERMES

The Kelly bag is so named after the actress Grace Kelly, when in 1956, the then Princess of Monaco used one of her two favorite Hermès bags to shield her pregnancy from the paparazzi.
This famaous Kelly bag is also formerly known as the Sac a depeches and is even available for men both designed by Paris - based manufacture Hermes, originally a world famous saddler holder. I think the Kelly Bag is not only a status symbole, it is a state of art and the most classic Bag in the world.

"Kelly Coucou Clock"
Design: petit h
HERMES Kelly depeche briefcase

Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly and the famous Bag by Hermes, The classic and only Kelly Bag

Grace Kelly, princess of monaco, carrying a Hermes Kelly  Bag in 1958
HERMES Kelly depeche briefcase

Victoria Beckham also prefers beside the Birkin also the classic Kelly

Famous Photo: Kelly Bag by Hermes to shield her pregnancy  from the paparazzi.

Classic Beauty Actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly