19 Apr 2014

Work Drugs - License to Drive

Work Drugs is my new favorite band for this spring season 2014 in my bristish new life in Borough of Royal Greenwich. They are from Philadelphia, USA and founded by Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana. I think their music is a great mix between London Burberry-Looks and english country sides by the sea. I am sitting in my typical red bus in London and I am listening to their sounds of guitar with my Beats by Dr. Dre starting to dream. Those guitars reminds me very much of George Benson - give me the night - album produced by Quincy Jones. This great video wants me to go back to Brighton as soon as possible. England is such a great country in Europe with personal freedom and fresh air by the sea side. 

If my name would be Christopher Bailey I would choose Work Drugs music for my next Burberry Fashion Show.

Work Drugs produces a great version of: -Rolling in the Deep- version (Adele Cover).