7 Jun 2014

Michael Dierks and A DAY AWAY IN BLUEWATER

Since I have discovered The Bluewater Shopping Mall I have the feeling I am back in United States. This is truly an amazing shopping experience.The best escape from the big city with a breath taking ride on the red double decker buses out into the country side arriving among 50 metre - high cliffs at the Bluewater Mall. The architecture it self  is simply unique located in great Kent, well known as the Garden of England. You can find there 330 stores and over 55 bars, restaurants and cafes with one of a kind best services.
I can take a walk on a style side and just enjoy my day.

Bluewater Ph. by I AM A ROCKSTAR KID

On my way to Bluewater Ph; by I AM A ROCKSTAR KID

Walking through Bluewater by Jimmy Choo

Marco Mommsen
Cafe Time out at Bluewater 

Good bye Bluewater I will back soon !

Bluewater in Kent, England