30 Sept 2014

Michael Dierks at the Jardin Majorelle - Yves Saint Laurent day in Marrakech

Jacques Majorelle, son of celebrated furniture maker Louis Majorelle, was born in Nancy, France in 1886. It was in 1919 that he first came to Marrakech to continue his career as a painter. He acquired land in 1924 and began the landscape which is today known as the Majorelle Garden. In 1947 he opened the garden to the public, a tradition that continues to this day. Following a car accident in 1962, Jacques Majorelle returned to France. The Majorelle Garden is one of the twentieth century´s most mysterious gardens. It is a place of rare individual expression and mystical force. The garden is an overpowering abundance of vegetal shapes and forms representing five continents and reflects Jacques Majorelle´s significance as one of the most important plant collectors of his time. Jacques Majorelle´s garden is perhaps his greatest ceuvre, a true work of art that continues to capture, mesmerize and enrapture the visiting public. Since acquiring and restoring the property, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge`have given the Majorelle Garden to the Fondation Pierre Berge´- Yves saint Laurent in Paris to ensure its continuing existence.
Jardin Majorelle, Rue Yves Saint Laurent, 40090 Marrakech-Maroc

Marco Mommsen
On 3 December 2011 the Berber Museum was official inaugurated in the former painting studio of Jacques Majorelle.

Representing a rich panorama of the various indigenous tribes, th most ancient of North Africa, are more than 600 objects from the Rif Mountains of the Sahara desert. The wide range of jewellery, weapons, leather goods, basketwork and woven textiles demonstrate in the richness and diversity of the still-vibrant Berber culture.

Famous LOVE art work by Yves Saint Laurent in Jardin Majorelle Store
This was my favorite place 

In 1980 the Jardin Majorelle garden was bought by french designer Yves saint Laurent

Marco Mommsen
If you ever have the chance to come to Marrakech, please promise me to visit Jardin Majorelle

Here, Saint Laurent took his inspiration for his collection

Most colorful beautiful place in Marrakech

Lunch time in Marrakech after this great visit at the Jardin Majorelle by Yves saint Laurent place

La Table du Marche` only in Saint - Tropez and in Marrakech

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My favorite dish, Tajin!

This was a great day in Marrakech, watching the sunset over Jemaa el-Fnaa place