25 Jun 2015

Michael Dierks - I´m so fancy in the fast lane with Shinkansen Train from Tokyo to Kyoto

My dream came true, a ride in the fastest train in the world, theTōkaidō Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto .It has transported more passengers (over 5 billion, entire network over 10 billion) than any other high-speed line in the world. Between Tokyo and Osaka the two largest metropolises in Japan, up to thirteen trains per hour with sixteen cars each (1,323-seat capacity) run in each direction with a minimum headway of three minutes between trains. I just thought I am in the movie, Back to the Future. Though largely a long-distance transport system, the Shinkansen also serves commuters who travel to work in metropolitan areas from outlying cities. As you know:
I´m so fancy.You already know. I´m in the fast lane. From L.A. to Tokyo. 
Marco Mommsen
What a design.  Amazing Grace in you face, the Shinkansen train!

I am ready to go or even better to almost fligh to Kyoto

Good bye Tokyo and Hello Kyoto. It will be the fastest ride of my life

Some Shinkansen Snack before I will arrive, it is all just so fast as time goes by.

No! This is no plane, this is the Shinkansen, the famous Bullet Train.

I´m in the fast lane. From L.A to Tokyo. In this case,  from Tokyo to Kyoto

Ups, already in Kyoto. That was soooooo fast.