18 Jun 2015

Michael Dierks - Arrival in Tokyo, Japan

This is my first experience in Japan. I would like to share this awsome trip with you and take you to a journey throughout the very far east of Asia, Japan. This is my favorite country of the future of the future.
Marco Mommsen
Welcome to my Japan jounrey
High-Tech future train NEX takes you from the airport to Tokyo
Marco Mommsen
Welcome to my first stay at the Jr Shinjuku Kyushu Blossom Hotel
A room with a view, Blossom Hotel
I love Tokyo
The poeple of Tokyo are amazing. Here is the proof: Free Hugs!!!!!
School uniform looks like Sailor Moon
Under construction! You do not even mind, so nice and kind.
Marco Mommsen
This is just my place to be and I feel like a comic
Thank you for the frst great day and good night, Tokyo!