19 Jun 2015

Michael Dierks in Tokyo, my city life

After a very long flight I am enjoying my first day in Tokyo. This is the biggest City in the world but I do not have the feeling of beeing in an overcrowded place. Everything is so nice, modern and clean. People are so friendly and there is no stress feeling like in other major cities of this world. I like
Akihabra, which is also called Akiba, this district is famous for its electronic shops and anime and
manga, of course!

Marco Mommsen
Senoji Asakusa, Tokyo

The heart of Akihabara

The land of manga and anime

Wowowow, I can see the Skytree, second tallest building of the world

I was always wondering, what is the fillings of  that big toast
Marco Mommsen
Senoji Asakusa, Tokyo

Invitation at the famous New York Bar at Park Hyatt Hotel of the Lost in Translation Film